Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Droid Bionic not in this post, because I have not received it yet. Apparently when you ship 2Day with Fedex, you are prone to two different meanings of 2Day shipping. The first meaning is two days later. So if you are sent a package on Thursday (which is when my new phone was shipped) you will receive it on Saturday.

Unfortunately there is another meaning of 2Day shipping, and that apparently means 3 days later. This is what I received. And because Sunday isn't a shipping day, then I don't get my phone until tomorrow (Monday). 

I first discovered this when I wanted to check the tracking information. I noticed it said expected date of arrival on Sept 12 by 7pm. I was flabbergasted. Why does 2Day actually mean 3 days? I set up a little experiment. I went to the Fedex website and looked up transit times. I "sent" a package from my mom's zip code to my zip code (because Fedex wanted zips and it was too annoying to lookup a zip code in Pennsylvania, where my phone was being sent from) and checked out the transit times:
You will notice in that picture that there are 3(?!) different Fedex 2Day options. The first is actually 2 days to delivery. The second is called 2Day am and gets the package there the morning of the third day. The third option is also called 2Day and get's the package delivered at some point during the third day. 

The only way to distinguish between the two identically named 2Day options is by price which for a package that is 2lbs differs by $17! 

Lesson: Folks, don't ship with Fedex.


Elaine Allen said...

Ant -

Always go UPS - very rarely do they NOT deliver when they say they will.  Miss you honey.  And let me know how you like the phone.


Anthony Salvagno said...

Oh I had no choice. This was Verizon's doing. If I had been able to order through Amazon like I wanted, I would have the phone now.

Jeremy said...

i am sending this to you now, but i am sending it first class mail... so it will not be there until the middle of next week. though the post office insures me that it will get there, but we have to charge you more if you really want it to get there at all... then they showed me the back room, i have a better shot of sending it to by driving it over.

Anthony Salvagno said...

Thanks buddy! Actually I love shipping with the post office. I discovered that if you use the automated postal machine (instead of going to the teller) and slap on delivery confirmation, they will scan it for you and give you delivery confirmation for free. Just tell the machine you don't want delivery confirmation. I used to use it to trick postal workers into shipping it faster and not actually care about delivery confirmation, but noticed that they would log the ticket anyways!

In an update, the package was in ABQ since Friday and just sat at the sorting center all weekend long. They didn't even attempt to move it until this morning. :(

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