Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoes Update

So those lovely shoes that I posted a few days ago:

...yea those are out of stock now.

I reordered them because they were just barely too small. I got the replacement pair just 2 days later and I was so excited. Unfortunately, the shoes inside were the same size as the ones I sent back even though the box said it was the next size up.

So, this is my rendition of the thought process that went on in DC Shoes warehouse:

"Hmmm. This guy wants a size 11. What a loser. Good thing we only have size 10's. I'll send him a size 10 just to mess with him. Oh check this out, a box that says 11. I'll put those shoes in this box and really mess with him. I bet he'll try them on and be convinced that his feet are growing at an exponential rate. Hehehe."


"I just got this pair of shoes returned. Stupid bastard. You can't return shoes here. Oh you want the next size up? Well how bout I send you back the shoes that you tried to return in a box that is for the next size up. That'll teach you a lesson!"

One of those two scenarios is exactly how that went. So in closing, DC screwed me, those shoes are now out of stock and never coming back, and now I'm without one awesome pair of shoes. WTF?

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