Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great New Mexican Adventure

I've been here before. There are some famous landmarks right near where you live and you've never taken the time to visit. I'm guilty. I never went to see the World Trade Center. I've been to the NYSE and in the vicinity, but I never went up to the top of the world to gaze upon NYC from the battery. And now it isn't there anymore.

I'm not expressing remorse, I'm just saying I never took the opportunity. I mean the twin towers were right in my backyard. I've been to New York City hundreds, maybe thousands, of times. The truth is I never had any desire to go there. I had somehow come to the predetermination that the Empire State Building was better and had a predisposition to hate the World Trade Center. Go figure.

It seems to me that I'm doing the same thing to the state of New Mexico. I've (hopefully) falsely predetermined that New Mexico sucks and everything there is to see or do here is a tourist trap, boring, crapy, etc. Well I think it is time to stop the shenanigans. After living here for four years and saying to everyone that I hate this state, I am going to truly decide if New Mexico sucks or is an amazing place. I will spend the summer traveling around the state, visiting the sites that locals and tourists alike hold in high regard. And of course I will blog all of it.

I'm calling this summer adventure "The Great New Mexican Adventure!"
This post was delayed because of this picture.

I've done quite a bit of research to find out what are some of the coolest sites there are here. Some things I've heard of or knew about about like the VLA, which is an array of radio telescopes (satellite dishes) that can be arranged in several different configurations to gaze at the universe. Some things I've never come across like an antique train ride that goes from Chama, NM to somewhere in Colorado and is very scenic. Other things I've seen by accident but never thought much of it. For instance, on a previous trip I drove through an area called "The Valley of Fires" which is a field of solidified lava that stretches for quite a ways.

Well I've made a map of all these places and then some. And I'm going to visit them all! You can check it out below.

View The Great New Mexican Adventure in a larger map
I've left a lot of information out. But I've left just enough details so that I can access direct information about each of those sites.

There are some ground rules though. I have to camp out at least once (probably on a trip to NW NM). There is no way I'm going to Roswell, predeterminations or not it is well regarded as one of the worst places to visit in all of NM. I will never set foot in Cliff's Amusement Park which is literally just 2 miles from my house (I actually spent the past 3 days thinking about going, how could I do this great adventure if I won't go to the only theme park in NM, simple because it is super lame and no one is visiting NM because they want to ride one roller coaster). Everything else is fair game. Each location gets its own post, with pictures, and I will detail where to find information, provide some background info, and grade how I liked the experience. Since I'm an all or nothing kind of guy I will rate every location as "Awesome" or "Awful" depending on factors I haven't thought of yet.

While I hope to visit everything on the map here is a list of things I most definitely have to visit:

  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Whitesands
  • The VLA
  • Bisti Badlands - I've heard there are dinosaur fossils there. Same goes for the ghost ranch, but that may be more touristy (and thus designed to acquire money).
  • Bandelier National Monument - because it is 15 minutes from where Stef lives
  • The Lightning Field - an art exhibit hidden in NM. Details are hard to come by, but I've managed to book a reservation for it in Sept. This will probably conclude the tour.
All the trips will occur during the weekend, circumstances permitting. All posts will be located under the tag, New Mexico, which I'm surprised I never created. And finally I will create a Picasa Web Album that will enclose all of the pictures (trip photos will be individualized) from the trip. Maybe I will get myself a bad ass camera.

The adventure begins this weekend with a trip to see an art exhibit in Santa Fe called the "Due Return." I also hope to visit the Sandia man cave. Let the adventure begin!

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