Friday, April 8, 2011

The Worst Thing About Albuquerque

Courtesy of (Best of Burque article):
AllergiesDrive-by shootings, hippies and liberals, gang violence, poor job prospects, drug addicts, insufficient parking in Nob Hill, drunk driving, low wages, dust, ghetto people, boredom ... (jeez, guys, let's get back to talking about the sunshine. Oh wait, you don't like that either.) Nothing stays open late enough, and there's not enough to do—especially for kids. And the sprawl! And the people, they're the worst: Americans are supposed to speak English. It's way too dry. Also, it's trashy and dirty. Hmph.

Not to add to the hate mongering that I used to do ALL THE TIME (key words: used to do), but this is what ABQers (or ABQians?) said about their own city! Imagine what this place is like to a person not from here. Sadly the things people said they liked about ABQ had nothing to do with the city itself. Everyone praised the sun, landscape, weather, etc and those are all products of the latitude and longitude. Sad for ABQ, very sad (but at least I feel validated for hating this place for so long).

I have a feeling my pale-complexioned red-headed compadre is the one who disliked the sun. I'm on to you, buddy...

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