Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whhhhyyyyy God wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!!????

The Knicks just lost their second in as many games in the playoffs. Both games ended with the Knicks within 3 points. The first game ended 87-85 and tonight ended 96-93. Both times it came down to last second possessions and both games ended dramatically.
The first game ended with the refs deciding they wanted to control the outcome. With just over 20 seconds left, Carmelo Anthony tries to get in position to receive a pass. Paul Pierce is smothering him and so Carmelo clears him off. The refs call a foul on Anthony resulting in a turnover. Then on the ensuing Celtics possession, Ray Allen hits a 3 pointer to take the lead (and ultimately the game) because his defender was lying on the floor. Why did that happen? Because God hates the Knicks and he pushed Toney Douglas to the floor. Actually it was Kevin Garnett and he looks more like the devil. This video sums it all up nicely:
Tonight though is a different story. The starting point guard of the Knicks (Chauncey Billups) got injured in the first game and sat out tonight. Halfway through the game, Amar'e Stoudemire leaves the game with back spasms. So without adding salt to the wounds, the announcers for the game bluntly state that Carmelo Anthony is out there playing with a bunch of guys. Basically stating now the Knicks have no chance and worse, no hope.

Somehow though Carmelo takes it upon himself to dominate the game. He brings the Knicks back from a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter. He scores 42 points and with less than a minute to go the Knicks are down by 1. They trade baskets with the Celtics for a while and with about 15 seconds left Carmelo gets double teamed. He passes to Jared Jeffries with 4 seconds left who turns it over. The Celtics call time out and inbound at half court. On the inbound the Knicks look confused and fail to foul basically giving the game to the Celtics. They do foul but with on 0.6 seconds left and that basically seals the game.

There is no video up for this yet, but if I find one tomorrow and feel better I'll post it. I almost fell out of my chair at the end of this one. If the Knicks pulled out the win I literally would have farted so loud I would have blast into outer space (not because I'm horribly flatulent, but because I would have wanted to blast off into outer space and farting is the only mechanism by which I would be able to think of accomplishing that).

Game 3 of the series is in NY City at MSG on Friday night. Watch with me and hope the Knicks can win at least one game. Big Blizzards for everyone if they win.

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