Monday, April 4, 2011

This is how you do it! (Warning: Lots of Poop Talking Here)
Just watch the intro video in the link above. It was actually pretty coincidental that I came across this link today, because I was thinking about how people should probably poop squatting, but we all would rather sit. Well this link takes you to a place where a mastermind invented a toilet that lets you do both.

Apparently it is healthier to squat than sit, but don't take my word for it read for yourself. You can use this toilet to train yourself to squat for better colon health. Plus if you've ever camped and had to poop in a hole you'll know that squatting is one of the most satisfying poops there is, and to me provides the best and most complete feeling of evacuation.

Ok, enough of that...


iZombie said...

okay, i just want to know how you got to that site... such pretty music for such a poopy subject.

no surfing for you!

Antman said...

It all started at this site:
Which is a pretty interesting article, if you would read it.

iZombie said...

thanks, i have been doing my life all wrong up to this point... thanks i am going to do it right

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