Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Commenting System

OMG! What happened to the commenting system? 

Now before you freak out there is something you need to know. I've taken the liberty of improving the commenting system. There wasn't anything wrong with the old system, but the new system is more versatile. 

First you can log in with a multitude of accounts. You can use your current Google account which is how you commented on the blog before. You can also choose to log in with Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, or OpenID. If you choose to go with Facebook and Twitter you can choose to post the comment to your Twitter or Facebook account while commenting on the blog.

Second, there is now nested commenting. That means if someone comments and you have a comment to add to that someone's though, then you can just press reply under there comment. Your reply will be indented and someone can then add something else to the conversation by replying to you. 

Third, the comments are real time. When you post a comment and someone else does so too at nearly the same time (or if you are browsing and more comments get posted) you will be able to see the posts without refreshing the page. 

Try it out, play around, and leave some comments.

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