Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Backyard Grocer (IE My Vegetable Garden)

As I mentioned yesterday, I started the cultivation process for growing veggies. I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't take a picture that was decent enough (crappy camera flash and poor artificial lighting don't make for good photos). But I was able to get some (boring) shots this morning and will happily share those and other little goodies after the jump.I bought some composted seed starters from Walmart and All Seasons Gardening. I bought them originally from ASG, but wanted a plastic dome and tray so I could keep them moist. Walmart only had the plastic with the starters as a kit and so I had to buy them again. That was only $5 though so I accept it. I'm using the Walmart stuff in the images below. 
These are a little harder to deal with than the ASG starters. With these you have to add water and wait for them to expand and then push the seeds into the compost and finally cover the seeds. The starters from All Seasons have a hole in the top that you drop the seeds in and keep moist. Easy. Plus I think they have nutrients to make the roots grow bigger and stronger than normal so you get a good yield.

Regardless of the differences, eventually I will use both kinds and will report on what I notice. But this first crop is just the Walmart stuff, because I had to make room in the tray.
I opted for the dome because of how dry the air is in ABQ. Since sunlight isn't that important at this stage (because the seeds are under the surface) retaining water in the soil is most important, and maintaining temperature too.

I have six different plants growing, with each species being in a different row. They are: roma tomatoes (because I cook with those the most), rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro, and lavender. Yummy! Once these sprout and grow strong I will plant my next batch which will include: basil, garlic, and green chile. I'm most excited for the green chile because I KNOW that grows here in New Mexico, and it should be fun to produce a local favorite. If someone asks nicely, I can give them some *cough* Koch *cough* (and anyone else).

I'll take some pictures once these sprout and again when they are strong enough to transplant. I'm even more excited about the transplanting because I have more yard junk that I will recycle into a garden bed for these guys. And then I will take pictures of the next batch of goodies. Until then, stay classy.

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