Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Hot in Hurr!

Let me tell you something... shhh it's a secret. Come in a little closer so you can hear me...


Hope I didn't ruin your hearing. 

CHTM is doing something (maintenance perhaps) with the cooling system and that means it has to be off. Brilliant! Oh did I forget to tell you that half this building is run by colossal machines? Yes huge giant machines. My lab alone has a deli-style refrigerator and a -80C Freezer, and according to the laws of thermodynamics a ton of heat is required to cool something. So that means that these machines are making it hotter in the lab. Oh but it gets better. Because it is hotter in the lab, the fridges have to work harder to cool because of the elevated temperatures. This means more heat!

Oh and my computer is right next to two lab top coolers (mini fridges basically) and they blow out hot air all the time. ON ME! And so here I am suffering in this heat wave. I swear the lab is 90 degrees, I'm pretty sure that the heat is ruining my experiments (because of our cheap thermocycler), the lab top coolers aren't cooling much, and the heat is making me angry (thus making it hard to work).

I'll end the rant on a high note though. I only have to sit through this for a couple weeks, because when building a building that is prone to getting hot in one of the hottest states in the union, it doesn't make sense to develop a backup system. Nope, not at all.

Rant over!

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