Friday, April 22, 2011

I Learned Something New

Tallest moutains in the world.

First I learned that Everest has the highest altitude, but two other mountains make other equally large claims. I'll leave the link above to you to click so you can learn too.

The other thing I learned is that apparently all of Everest is 3G enabled, meaning if you ever decide to hike it you can tweet a pic from there and blog about your adventure every day.

Finally I learned there is a very popular apex in Yosemite National Park that literally has a line you hike/wait in to the top. It is called half dome and looks pretty cool, but waiting in line while walking up does not sound like fun. Here is a funny picture for you to prove that I'm not lying.
It's from Wikipedia, so it can't be wrong!


Zoey said...

I'll keep it in mind to bring a 3G phone if I ever make it up Everest :']

Anthony Salvagno said...

As you should. You can youtube yourself tweeting and facebooking from the top.

Lorellee said...

i like to blog its fun!!!!!!

Lorellee roberts said...


Lorelleejane said...

i have a facebook thats cool where did you learn about this stuff its soooo cool

Anthony Salvagno said...

originally from (it was some article on there) and then from some supporting articles.

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