Friday, April 22, 2011

Find the Worms

Yesterday, it was time to turn the compost pile. I do this about once a week (more like every 5 days), because you need to get air into the compost, otherwise the reactions become inefficient after a while. When I do this, I check the compost for activity and to check on the worms. I'll break apart various twigs and other waste to see if the decomposition is working. 

Sure enough it was. I grabbed an apple core and the inside was all gooey and icky. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the compost gets hot when it works right, and that mine was warm so I knew I was doing something right. Well when I checked it this time, I noticed that my hands felt like they were on fire. It was really hot in the pile this time. It was so hot that the pile was steaming. I estimate that it was well over 100F (my guess is like 120F) in the compost. I hope that isn't too hot for the worms. I don't think it was too hot because I found a number of them in the pile and they were all in areas near the warmth. 

I took pictures of the worms in their relatively new environment and I encourage you to find the worm in each picture (one of the pictures should be really easy).It's easier to try to find them if you click each picture. That will give you the full file size so you can see each worm in all their glory.
Hint, I'm pointing at it.

Sorry no worm here. I was trying to show the compost and the steam.

It's not in the compost here.

This is a tough one.

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