Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Compost

 I've been composting for 2 weeks now and so far so good. I collected all the yard waste (grass clippings, dried grass, twigs, dead plants, leaves, etc) and put it in a pile in my special composting bin. Also I've been putting my vegetative food trash in there as well (fruits, vegetables, egg shells, etc) as I eat them to add more nutrients to the compost.
The specially designed bin
Last week we got some worms to add to the compost too. The worms help break down the smaller particles in the compost and digest them as worm castings which apparently add a ton of nutrients to the compost.
They're in there some where.
Today I learned that things are working as they should be. I was adding some eggshells and an old apple to the pile. To do this, I dug up the middle and added the new bits and then buried them. While I was doing this, I was looking for the worms (about 1lb was added to the pile). As I moved the dirt around I noticed it was warm, which is a sign that the compost is composting (or whatever the verb is). 

That was a pretty exciting feeling. I'm surprised that I am doing this right with no experience whatsoever. Let's hope it keeps going. 

Tomorrow I'm going to round the pile some. Right now it is spread out in the jacuzzi and only the middle is warm. If the whole thing is going to decompose, then it needs to be in one lump pile. I'll take some more pictures in about a week or two to show the progress (if it is even noticeable). 

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