Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Best of Trey Songz

I don't talk about my music preference on this blog. Mostly because I feel like my choice in music clashes with my other loves that I post frequently on here. Also, it clashes with what most people listen to of my demographic (white people, even though I'm technically not white I fit into that category sadly well). If you must know I love hip-hip and R&B. My favorite artists include Usher, Wu-Tang Clan, Ludacris, Trey Songz (what this post will be about), Ne-Yo, Bun B, and many more. I guess my parents are to blame. I used to hear a lot of motown, funk, jazz, 80's pop, and that evolved into my personal tastes (even though my parents despise rap, except that my dad does a surprisingly good and hilarious DMX impression).

So needless to say, that's what I listen to and I like it so shut up. I've been listening to a lot of Trey Songz lately and he totally destroys what you expect to hear from an R&B singer. He sounds R&B but is very hip-hop when it comes to his lyrics. He has a really good singing voice, but the lyrics that he sings are from another planet and are quite unparalleled in his genre. I thought I would share with you my favorite five Trey Songz songs and maybe you'll see why I love it so much:
  1. Say Aah is about girls at a club/bar. Trey is basically describing the idea that because he's rich there won't be a limit to hom much alcohol he can by and so the girls should just drink up. The chorus reads: "Go girl, it's your birthday, open wide, I know you're thirsty, say aahh!" Which describes what I just said, but I know it really means to do something dirty with Trey's... ahem, tootsie roll. Just to give you an idea most of his songs are themed like this.
  2. LOL :) (read "L-O-L smiley face"). This is a very simple concept. Trey is texting a girl and these are the messages that he sends/receives while he is trying to get some pictures of girls'... cute little puppies, kitties, or any other pets a girl may have. It's genius because no one had ever thought to do a song using modern technology like this before.
  3. Neighbors Know My Name is not at all what you expect the song to be about. He is hanging out with his girlfriend at her place making... pottery and the pottery machine is so loud that the neighbors are banging on the walls to get Trey and girl to keep it down. I think she might brag about his amazing art and that is how the neighbors know his name without ever having met him. I swear that's the truth.
  4. Love Faces is a cute song about the faces you make when you... take pictures. Trey talks to his long-term-relationship love about how he can't wait to take some great photos with her that night and all the cute faces she will make while taking pictures.
  5. And my favorite all time song is called Store Run, which surprisingly promote safe... soda consumption. You see, while dating his better half he makes sure that she is well taken care of and before... watching a movie he notices that there are no... sodas. So he runs to the nearest convenience store to pick up a six pack of... soda. Luckily they keep them at the counter so he can be in and out. They also talk about proper family planning and the sad development of STD's just to make sure that the music listening world understand that Trey cares about global issues.
  6. Honorable Mentions: Panty Droppa, Yo side of the Bed, Sex Room (a Ludacris song but with Trey Songz), No Clothes On, Bottoms Up, and Black Roses (which actually isn't about anything naughty).
He has so many songs to love and I suggest you listen to them all because diversity is key and Trey is the king. 
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