Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Blog Posts Bring May Blog Posts

Hahaha, I kill myself.

I'm basically ending my monthly themes, but only sort of. April is going to be more about gardening and composting but I can't really say it will be the theme, because plants grow slowly so who knows how often I'll be able to post on the topics. I'll try though. 

I would say the March theme (about the author) was pretty successful. You all got to learn a little bit more about me and what makes me tick. In return I got to fill the month up with various posts. It's win win!

But now we are in April and it's time to get the garden going. I tried to garden a couple of years ago, but we had a late season frost that destroyed the crop (it was in the middle of April and we had just planted our crops a week before that), then my friend's ex girlfriend (current girlfriend at the time) took over the gardening and pushed me out, not cool. But now I'm back from outer space, and I'm going to grow again. This time I have a plan and I'm keeping it simple.

While I hate that I'm being all healthy and renewable and hippie-like, I do like to cook and so I'm growing veggies and herbs to feed myself. I hate going to the store and having to buy more than I need and wasting all the food. With the composting, the waste doesn't go to waste anymore, but I still don't like it in principle.

As often as I can, I will be providing pictures and talking about how I got the results that I do/did. It will be an interesting experiment to say the least. I'll also be talking about how the compost is going and taking pictures of that. That should be cool because it decomposes so slowly that I won't notice an effect, but through pictures I will notice changes in the system. 

And it all starts tonight!

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