Monday, April 18, 2011

Adding More to Nature

There is a whole slew of stuff that I have to get to. First, my first crop of plants are going strong. I have pictures to show and things to say about that so stay tuned. And second, I planted a second crop full of other goodies. But before I get to any of that stuff let's discuss something I learned on Saturday.

I was at Lowes, looking to get more seeds. I spotted a book that was about gardening in New Mexico with native species or at least plants that do well in New Mexico. I picked it up and flipped through and found that a couple of species I started growing actually do well here. 

The first of the two is lavender. That stuff grows in full sunlight, low water, and hot ground. All things that it will have to endure in the coming days, weeks, and months. It grows so well that apparently I'm supposed to water it somewhere on the order of once a month (during the summer months slightly more frequently). Now I wouldn't take my word for it, because my memory is foggy but it was something surprising like that. You of course can look it up for yourself.

The second of the two was rosemary. That discovery made me very happy because that is what I looked forward to growing the most. I don't remember the water schedule, but it did need full sunlight and liked the alkaline soils that we have in New Mexico. Even more promising was the fact that the picture of the rosemary bush looked like an environment that looks identical to my backyard (ie very barren, dry, and crappy).

Now let's look at some pictures (hit the link).
Check out my tomatoes!
 They are growing quite nicely and the fastest by a landslide. In a few weeks I will transplant them to either the ground or to some pots and put them in a very shady spot since they need a lot of water and the shade helps retain that.
 These are either my thyme or my oregano. Right now the saplings look identical between the two and so I can't distinguish. But they are all growing in nicely. Soon I will thin them out and move them to a bigger greenhouse (more on that later).
Finally this is the current state of my cilantro and I'm sorry for the lousy picture. The seeds just started sprouting and I am excited! 

In other news, the lavender and the rosemary haven't sprouted yet but I'm not expecting anything for about another week, so until then it's all good. Stef also gave me some gifts this past weekend. They were all gardening themed and included some utility stuff, a pH kit, and a 4 level greenhouse. I'm most excited for that and will keep it outside. I haven't decided how to use it yet, but there's like a 75% chance my tomatoes will go in there. I also have a rusty wheel barrow that I intend to use for the herbs, but this new greenhouse may win out. I haven't decided yet.

And in final nature news, I've planted a second crop of stuff. I was going to hold out a while, but life is fun and I want more creatures to have at my disposal. Here is the new lineup: sweet basil, mixed variety sweet bell peppers, beets (though I don't know what I will do with them), spinach, and Koch's favorite thing in the world... cacti! I'm going to use the cacti to decorate the yard and give away as gifts I suppose. Maybe they will produce fruit and I can eat said fruit if they are of that variety, we shall see.

I just have one thing to say... LIVE... LIVE damn it LIVE!

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