Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Quarter Flyer Bonanza

This came about because of some hilarious miscommunication. Katie had asked me if I could design some campaign stuff. Well about a day later a bunch of people had sent her several different designs for some campaign flyers. Of course I, aspiring to be the greatest graphic designer in the world, felt I could do a much better job. One of the designs was a concept for a quarter page flyer. Now I didn't really understand how they would be printed out, but I understood the use: save paper, give them out, etc.

So I went to work. Check them out on the other side...
First I made a design that would take up a quarter page, could be cut up, had content on both sides, and would fold in half. I basically took all the information from the flyer that was provided already, and organized it to fit nicely.
front and back
styling and profiling
I really like the front. The inside has a lot of information and I did my best to organize it in an easy to read way (sorry that it is sideways). And the back has the next most important information after the front.

Next I began working on another design. I had the idea for this design just before I fell asleep and I hoped that I would remember it. The idea was that the front would read Katie for GPSA and on the left/right it would say "open." This word would serve two purposes. First it would tell the reader to open the mini pamphlet, and then it would relay to the reader that Katie's policies are open, honest, etc. I worked diligently to bring the concept and the information together.
front and back
The marks on the left and right (respectively) of the above images are the cut lines, and will reveal themselves below.

So you see the front folds over in such a way that only the word open is revealed. And when you do, you find that it has meaning. I also included the rest of the campaign slogan inside with campaign points that I felt most reflected those ideals. And on the backside are Katie's previous/current positions that show how qualified she is to lead.

How do you like these designs? Let me know in the comments, on Facebook, or to my face!

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