Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Owed Black Widow Photo

This picture was going to be 10x better. The demon was in the center of the frame and sprawled out in the web and you could see the red hourglass perfectly. Then right as the shutter was snapping, the beast started to scurry and I jumped back and shrieked to prevent certain doom. So this is what you get. I'm surprised that this picture isn't horribly blurry.

By the way, that monster is way bigger than a quarter. It's abdomen region is at least the size of a nickel, and the legs and all give an area that is definitely way bigger than a quarter. There was another spider in the web right below the foul creature, that had a small body but had super long legs. It wasn't a daddy long leg either. I don't know what it is, but I don't think I want to know anything about a spider that can live in the same web as a Black Widow.


iZombie said...

that is a horrible shot, not in quality in scare factor. i have never seen one like this, no do you fumigate the shed... may i suggest hornet spray with a 10 foot sprayer.

Antman said...

We do not, but I will now. When I was trying to get tools from the shed, I used a rake I already had outside it to reach in and grab stuff so I didn't have to go inside. That was one of the scariest things I've seen in New Mexico. The scorpion sighting was the next scariest, and the run in with a rattlesnake in the grand canyon was the most.

iZombie said...

i could not survive, i don't like many creepy crawly's... i might have had a heart attack right there.

think about this i swung at a spider in the kitchen once with a broom... the spider was on the handle heading downward towards my hand.

Antman said...

I feel you on that. This thing just slightly moved when I was trying to take the picture and I screamed and fell over. I was nowhere near it.

One time I woke up with a spider dangling in front of my face. I flipped out when I realized that the spider was dangling from my own hair (I had swiped at it and kept missing, and then I realized where it was). *Shudder*

iZombie said...

garrrr, i will post a video of me taunting a spider on this train car... i screamed like a little girl when it moved onto this stick i poked it with...

here is the photo of the spider..

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