Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sleep Cycle

This is a picture of my sleep cycle as monitered by an alarm app called "Sleep as an Droid." While the name is pretty stupid the app is pretty cool. It uses the accelerometer in the phone (the thing that determines whether the phone is horizontal or vertical, or laying flat) to monitor your movements while you sleep. You just place the phone on your bed and tell the phone you're going to sleep. The more you move the closer you are to awake (light sleep) and the less you move the deeper the sleep you are in. That is a graph of my movement and apparently I moved a lot right before I woke up.

When you set the alarm, the phone will wake you up as close to your alarm time as possible. This is because it wakes you up during one of the light sleep cycles so you feel more refreshed in the morning. It works too. I actually tried to go back to sleep after waking up, but I was too fresh. 

My favorite feature of this app is the record mode. While you sleep the phone automatically records you if you start snoring or sleep talking (based on volume). I'm a big sleep talker, and if my friend Adam reads this he will probably comment on this. My brother and Stef also have experience with this so I expect something from that peanut gallery as well. 

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