Friday, March 11, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

If you use the toilet, please flush it. No one likes to clean up someone else's shit (both figuratively and literally), and so do everyone the favor of taking care of the toilet when you are done. 

I've had to deal with this issue at my job CHTM for quite some time now. It makes me (and a lot of other people) angry when I go to the bathroom to find that someone didn't flush the urinal after using it. Usually I just go to the next urinal because I'm not going to flush someone else's stuff. Sometimes though all the urinals have urine in them and then someone has to do what the original excreter was too lazy to do... FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET!

Anyways I've decided to help out the residents of CHTM by making friendly signs that describe how to flush the toilet in case this is what the real problem is. Images after the jump.
First up is the instructional sign that I made. It is in international picture language, English, Chinese, and Hindi so everyone can read it. (The Chinese and Hindi are just ripped from Google Translate and I didn't have all the required characters in Adobe so there are some mistakes.)
Here is the sign in action.
It's great in two ways. Now people will know how to use the toilet. And those who already do can have something to read and admire while they use the toilet.

As an aside, a while back I was going to do this very thing but with my Struggles for T-Rex comic that I have yet to produce (outside of the two that I made). I can still do it, but this will be the flavor of the month for now.

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