Thursday, February 3, 2011

Think About This

Every other day this month I'm going to list a question that's on my mind and I want you to think about it. Of course there probably is no easy answer if there is one at all, but I want to get your juices flowing and give you some food for thought.

Think about evolution. Every species is evolving all the time. If only for the simple fact that our DNA is randomly changed by random processes and sometimes those changes stick. Every species also manages to adapt to its surroundings because of this change and also how these changes interact with the environment. If a species has a favorable adaptation it will live, reproduce, and its offspring will follow suit. If the adaptation is harmful, the organism will die.

Now think about all the different paths evolution has taken. There are bacteria, viruses, plants, animals, mammals, dogs, cats, porcupines, and humans (but not limited to those options). If nature is constantly evolving and each organism has adapted and is adapting to its surroundings, why are humans the only creatures to have evolved to be sentient? Why isn't there another here on Earth? I'm not even asking why there isn't another evolved monkey. Why can't there be a super smart dog that builds bridges and analyzes it's DNA? Think about that and let me know what you think...

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