Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Possibility of Alien Visitors

Ever since humans first gained the ability to think about the stars we have wondered if there was anything else out there. Early man pondered the existence of gods watching over us, modern man wonders if we receive interstellar visitors on a regular basis. Some even wonder if the early religions are really interpretations of alien visitors. I don't agree with that view. 

While it is simple to think that people would interpret alien visitation as acts of gods, it is even easier to believe that early man inherently thinks that there is some higher being watching over us. That my friends is just human nature. But what if there is other life out there. Would they come visit if they could? Is there even a chance that other life exists in the universe? Take the jump and we'll find out together.First let's think about the possibility of other life out there. I personally believe that it is highly possible that there are alien organisms in other parts of the universe. I don't think that is science fiction at all. You must be thinking that I'm some kook who just rambles on about some crazy ideas he comes up with. You're probably right, but to me the answer is obvious. We exist, so why can't there be someone else?


But critics will explain that the likelihood that we exist is extremely small. My answer is a simple, but it still happened. Despite overcoming all odds, there is life on this planet and there is lots of it. We have an abundance of life on Earth and I wouldn't be so surprised if we found life on other planets. In fact even if we never find life, that doesn't mean it isn't out there. After all the universe is 15 billion light years across, which is far too vast to ever search through all of it ever!

For all intents and purposes there are nearly an infinite amount of stars. That means that there are billions of stars just like our sun. Which means that there are millions of planets around those stars that are like our Earth. If we are one in a million, it is almost as likely for there to be two in a million. In all likelihood the odds aren't even that small. I would bet my entire life's fortune for all time that there is something else out there. 

After all life here evolved to exist in all sorts of conditions. Did you know that we have bacteria the survive near hot volcanic vents in the ocean? Did you know that there are micoscopic animals (yes animals) that can survive in near vacuum environments for decent periods of time? If that stuff is here, just imagine what else is out there.

And if you still don't believe me then think about this...

...this all happened NATURALLY!

I hope I just blew your mind with that. If not, then think about it. For all the things said about how improbable it is for other life to exist in the universe and how small of a chance it is for life to exist here, the fact of the matter is there is life here. And it happened naturally. So to me, that means the chemistry and statistics work in the favor of life and that means there has to be some more out there.

Now what about intergalactic travel. That to me is more science fiction then the possible existence of life.  Let's assume light speed travel is possible (which right now it most certainly isn't). In order to get anywhere interesting you would have to travel distances on the order of hundreds of thousands of light years. After all it takes light 8 minutes to get from the sun to the Earth. I don't think anyone wants to travel to the surface of the sun just to burn up instantly upon arrival. 

Traveling those distances would be worthless unless you are bringing a small population with you. If you traveled alone you would most certainly die within a fraction of the time it takes to get there. The only way the trip would succeed is if your great great great great great grand children were there to see it though. And they probably would have lost interest after 2 greats. Finally even if they make it to their destination, the laws of relativity say that the people at the destination would have aged so much they would be many countless generations beyond your own bloodline. So when all is said and done so much would have changed between the start and end of the mission that the mission would have been for nothing .

The only way I can think interstellar travel would be possible if you could travel through worm holes (which are mathematically and theoretically possible) without being utterly destroyed, or you could control time which has consequences that I can't even fathom. Without breaking the laws of physics I just don't see it, and neither does any real scientist (otherwise we would have a mass effort to build a machine that would do so). The rest lies in science fiction.

What do you have to say?

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