Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Human Mule

A mule is an infertile cross between a horse and a donkey. Because horses and donkeys are of different species, their offspring created is infertile due to genetic differences. Luckily though they are not so different that they can't produce offspring.

I've talked before about the possibility of humans mating with chimps because of the genetic similarity of the two species. The offspring of the two may result in a mule, but today I want to hypothesize the possibility of another kind of mule, a human mule.

Humans are just another species on this planet and like all other organisms we are constantly evolving. Despite what civil rights activists would have you believe, not everyone is created equal. Before you get angry, think about it. Why do people look different? Everyone's ancestors have been subject to different environmental conditions and have acquired different traits to survive in those conditions.

With that said, it seems entirely possible that there could be two people on this planet who could have very large genetic differences. I don't think we are at the point where there could be another human species (although I have no proof saying there isn't), but there could be a large genetic disparity between two people. It could also be possible that those two people could be so specially different that their offspring could produce an infertile mule.

The time to make this discovery would be now though. With the world becoming very integrated, the gene pool is being mixed to all new levels and there may eventually never be species isolation (usually what results in a new species) unless something catastrophic happens.

If it were the case that there could presently be a human mule, I don't particularly find the genetics of the mule to be fascinating, but rather the idea that two people could have enough genetic disparity. The importance of that discovery would make headlines the world over and usher in a new age of genetic study and technology. Not to mention the major changes that must come in the pharmaceutical field to accommodate the possibility of more than this one person.

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