Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Science Month!

Don't worry, I won't do this every month. Unless you like the monthly themes. If so tell me what you want next month to be: Basketball Month, Food Month, Shitty things done in ABQ Month? That one has potential...

Anyways since there are two main facets to my life and brain (art and science) it's time to add some yin to last month's yang. And I'm doing that by making this month science month. I have a lot of thoughts regarding nature and physics, evolution and astronomy, and I'm going to share them with you. They can be viewed as rather controversial, but only because people who would call them that are rather uptight and don't reflect on the reality of the world. I am going to think of those things, share them with you, and let you think for yourself. It's going to be fun.

Also I should exclaim that I tried to start another blog back in October called Quack Theories (now closed) where I talked about the very things I mentioned above. I wanted to do it anonymously which is why I never shared it with anyone here, hoping that it would take a life of its own. Well now that I'm not writing there anymore I've decided that I'm not afraid of attaching my name to my own thoughts and so I'm going to migrate those posts over here. Just be warned, they are quite lengthy.

Anyways (that is a word I use all to much), I want you to keep an open mind and really think about the things I talk about. Have fun, and think for yourself. Let's learn together.

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