Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Card Part 1

Well I spent a long time working on getting this much done by today. The card is for a contest that needs to be turned in by Feb 1 and I've set up checkpoints to ensure a non-tardy entry. As of now the card is probably like 60% complete. Hopefully some stuff I ordered will arrive tomorrow. I will get the card printed and then assemble it and upload final pics and possibly a video. Anyways here are the pics of the 90% completed (graphic design portion) card.

This will be the front. The traditional valentine's day heart card...
Here is the back. 
And the inside of the card will feature mirror images of the interior of a heart.
The front took me an astoundingly long amount of time and is probably one of the most detailed and intricate pieces I have done as of yet. It doesn't look it but I had to expand my repertoire a lot to get that done.

Once I had the front completed I worked on the back. I had a couple of reference images, but figuring out which parts should be in front of other parts from a different perspective was challenging. I wish I had a 3D model. It didn't take me as long as the front did, which was great, because I had the textures and gradients already made. I just had to complete shapes and change others and then add the proper colors.

The inside took the least amount of time because I was doing a cutaway of the heart and didn't need a lot of fancy gradients or textures. I might make some alterations though, I'm not sure.

Part 1 is complete now on to part two, printing. Then part 3, making it come ALIVE! You'll have to wait and see.

1 comment:

Elaine A said...

Sweetie -

This is entirely too realistic looking. Nothing sweet or romantic about this valentine. Great job on the graphics, very detailed and I can tell you put a lot of work into it. But me, I'll skip the valentine and just get me the chocolate - LOL!

Love you
Titi E

P.S. Just say you are not going to make it spurt blood?

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