Friday, January 7, 2011

Unreleased Design: Sort of

I previously released these next couple of images, but not the completed versions (hence the sort of in the title). See the final version of a logo design and an invitation after the jump.
This first image is an alternative design for Jason's graduation. I actually liked the concept better than the mailed invitations, but the timing with the invites going out so close to Halloween and the way I delivered the designs (this one came second) gave little chance to this design being chosen by the client (mom and brother). 
 It's sad really because this design is so fun and awesome looking. I actually came up with this design way before I did the actual approved design. I made the other one first and showed that to my mom, and then made this one. Mostly I was waiting for my mom to take some pictures of Jason (with this pose being in that batch) before I could make this image. I created the other illustration while I waited and that turned out to be this design's demise.

The next design was commissioned by my father for his bowling team. Originally I posted just the words The Splits in 3D and after some deliberation I decided it would look best if the words fit in a bowling lane.
The lane was a pain in the butt to make and actually took me some time to make it look realistic enough for my tastes. At first I used too many varying colors of brown. Instead I studied some images of bowling lanes and learned that the wood is actually just slightly differently shaded per plank. Once I got that down I added the background and lane frame. I actually don't like that part, but in every picture I've ever seen there is no real design to the lanes outside of the pins, the actual lane, and the alley itself (ever been midnight bowling). So that is what I was left with.

I think boring backdrop aside, everything came out rather nicely. I especially like the reflection of the letters, but my absolute favorite is the shadow of the "P". It's minor details like that, that no one really notices, but I put tons of effort into that get's me excited. 

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iZombie said...

very nice art, i really like the 3d look... i am seeing it pop up in many places. i have sort of 3d idea i have worked on, but you needed the 3d glasses.
have a grand weekend!

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