Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shooting at UNM Hospital!

I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for Twitter. In a world of real time information, twitter had the answers when no one else did. Let me start at the beginning:

At 3:30pm I received an email from a person I normally delete emails from (UNM mass emails) with the subject line "Active Shooter Outside" and the message "STAY behind a closed door. I don't know what is happening yet, will give all clear." Surprisingly no one else received any other information from the university and this person was at Physics and Astronomy and was not part of the university mailing system. 

Koch and I then began searching the web for information regarding the shooting. A news source confirmed the shooting but had no other information. I jokingly suggested we go to Twitter for the answers because that's what the news does anyways. We went and then there were answers

Once I gathered some intel I texted Stef to find out if she was ok (because she is working at UNMH now). Luckily she was alright, but surprisingly she didn't know what was going on. She had just found out about the situation right when I texted her with the info. Good thing she stays strapped.

According to people with information (via APD and other outlets) a male suspect got into a fight with his girlfriend and fired two shots. No one was hurt. Somehow the chase was carried out in the parking structure resulting in the suspect losing his shirt. As of now I've learned that the suspect has left the area and was heading West from the hospital. I'm not sure if he has been apprehended, but the commotion has died down according to Stef herself. Thanks to Twitter we have the suspects picture.

Here is the news article with everything that I've talked about with details that twitter missed (apparently it was just one shot, and the suspect was wearing a white shirt). Pretty scary for everyone at the hospital (including Stef), but interesting how quickly word spread. When I first searched Twitter there wasn't much about it (only a couple of tweets) but after an hour everyone and their mother were tweeting the news. That's viral information for ya!

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