Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: A Look Back

New Year's resolutions are cliched for two reasons: first, everyone says making them sets you up for failure, and second, making them is cliched in the first place (so technically my list should have been 1a and 1b). Well that's not going to stop me from doing it all over again. I think setting up long term goals is important and everyone does that anyways. Most people make stupid goals that they can't possibly keep on New Year's and that's why they fail. The fact that I'm writing down my long term goals on New Year's is just a coincidence (and that's what I'm sticking to) but we'll call them resolutions just because.

 But first let's see how I did from the previous year:
My list from last year went like this:
  • lose weight (as always)
  • develop Brand Anthony
  • kick ass in science
  • follow through
The fact that I actually did all that stuff means I followed through with something for once. Hooray for moral victories! Now let's dissect the rest of the list.

My first goal was to lose weight and I did that with P90X. I started at 200lbs and at some point in May I saw the numbers 159 for the first time in my life. I think that goal was a resounding success. The fact that at no point this year did I ever get back up to 200lbs is a secondary success. Also the fact that I still fit into all the clothes that I bought (because I was too small for any of my old clothes) is a huge 3rd victory and probably the most important. Right now I'm doing a little maintenance with the Insanity workouts so that I can start playing basketball again when the gym opens next week (so far so good).

My next goal was to develop Brand Anthony. I think I spent 90% of my blog on that subject. While I didn't accomplish everything that I had wanted to accomplish by this time of the year, I did get a lot of it done. Last year it was known just as Brand Anthony and now it is That was step one. I do sort of have a portfolio as well, it is on facebook for now but it will be on IheartAnthony soon. I sort of gave up on Flash but replaced it with CSS, HTML, and some Javascript. Flash will come one day but I have a lot on my plate as it is. I also got myself a few jobs this past year and won some design contests. Oh and I started a t-shirt store.

I also wanted to kick-ass in science. The year started off great and ended rather poorly, but I did manage to kick some science ass and that is what matters. We managed to stretch DNA which is just a step before unzipping. We also got some really cool (and expensive) new equipment that makes the tweezers 10x better than they were before. As of now I've placed an order for some cool new biological stuff that should make my experiment work (at all) even better than when we stretched DNA. Hopefully 2011 begins the same way 2010 did.

So it is safe to say I've had some personal and professional breakthroughs this year and made good progress on my long term goals (note: I literally just typed lerm tong, just thought you'd like to know). The fact that I actually followed through on those things that I wanted to was/is the most important resolution.  Now it's time to come up with some new resolutions... tomorrow.

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