Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

After accomplishing so much in 2010 it's time to set the bar even higher. There is so much more that I want to accomplish and in fact that I need to accomplish. Let's go to the list:
  • Graduation - this is the thing that I want more than anything. I want to graduate this year and if all goes smoothly within the next month or two I could realistically set myself up to be in this position. I need to unzip DNA soon, and then do some matching algorithms to determine if unzipping DNA is unique. If all goes well then Nobel prize here I come... I mean PhD (it's nice to dream though).
  • Launch of IheartAnthony - this is pending graduation of course. Once I graduate I will be going full steam ahead with IheartAnthony and trying to firmly entrench myself here in ABQ as the best. I have great ideas for this town and if people are willing to take the chance, I could see bigger things for them as well.
  • Being the best - Every year there are several publications that give out awards for "Best of:" in ABQ. This year I want to be there. I don't just want to be mentioned, but I want to be so good they create a category for me (Best Graphic Designer or something like that). By 2012 (the year the world ends) I want to be a household name, where everyone (well, businesses at least) knows who I am.
  • Not weighing more than 175lbs - this year it will be all about maintaining and not losing/gaining. I don't want to be that guy anymore and I have been good so far, let's keep it up! (You know I had to include something weight related in here.)
  • Publishing - By the end of the year I will be the author of something. Whether it is a scientific article, my dissertation (hopefully), or something else (graphic novels anyone) is up for grabs. You can be assured though that whatever it is, you will have your hands on it (or will have access to it) by 2012.
2011 will be the year to dream big and I have big things in store. Let's hope the world is ready for me. Onward to 2012...

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Dad said...

I love your spirit in this post and I believe that you are capable of each goal. Combine that with your spirit for fun and adventure and the sky is the limit. Happiness is the by product of right living.

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