Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Love For Transformers Diminishes a Little

I can't get enough of these guys, except when they are made into crappy movies (see Bayformers) and even crappier posters. I found this image via a nerdy website from an even nerdier website made by a not so nerdy website (maybe?). Check it out:

Original Transformers Autobots
Research and Design by:
Unfortunately they got some stuff wrong, most notably that Optimus prime wasn't that kind of semi. Seems that they would get the most iconic character of the series at least right, but I guess it shows how not nerdy they are. The makers also sortof gave up towards the end labeling certain Autobots as just type of car. Now some of them are not really anything and are just stylishly cool, but don't just call someone a pickup truck. It gets even worse when they clearly hired someone who just threw this thing together. Good art takes time, don't they understand this?

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iZombie said...

are you referring to the new movies, i kinda dig that poster... it brings back those good memories of a better time. somewhere in my house i have the original optimus prime... transformers roll out...

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