Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food Photography of the Fourth Kind

Sorry for the hiatus, but my project is taking longer than I expected and the time I have available to work on it is also way less than I anticipated. I'm going to work double hard to get the design portion done tonight. I'll give you a hint of what it is though. I'm working on a Valentine's Day Card for a local contest. Once I'm done with the design I'll upload the images of the front, back, and insides. Then I'll upload more once I have a hardcopy made.

In the meantime, enjoy some foodscapes. The artist of these photos uses food to create a wonderful landscape full of creativity. This is my other favorite image:
The size scale is also amazing. These scenes have so much size to them but then you think about the subjects (rice is used as the floor in the above picture) and that totally amazes me again. Super creative, but very time consuming I bet. But what art isn't?

Anyways, if you want to see more check them out at abduzeedo and at the artist's, Carl Warner, portfolio. (Note: the website is flash based so you'll have to click stills and then click foodscapes.)

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