Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite Art of the Week: Rock and a Hard Place

By James Wignall via Veerle's Blog
Take that all in why don't you...There is so much I like about this piece. And I mean really like. And I don't mean the kind of like you mean as a kid, you know like like. I mean the kind of like that you stalk for days and follow down an alley or surprise in an empty parking structure and have your way with. Too much? Sorry.

I've been all about monochromatic pieces lately. I just images that are all based on one color. At first it's also hard not to notice the skinned man, but the little characters around him are interesting as well. It's almost like he is in a zoo of some sort or being oppressed somehow. 

By far the most interesting aspect for me is the robot in the distance. First to convey the distance in this way is really great work. To me the robot is massive because it is so far away, but of course that is up to interpretation. I love the robot because of how retro and simple it is. It is similar in design to a character I have yet to create, but want to so utterly bad. I wonder what it is going to do with the man who is being held down and was skinned alive. 

This should be some sort of story, or graphic novel at least.

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