Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Process: Zombie Doughnuts Logo

 Back in May I ate some wonderful doughnuts and told the owner that I would do a logo for him. Zombie Doughnuts has since gone out of business for unspecified reasons (one day there was a facebook notice that said they were closed permanently, and there were no signs of the business struggling). Sadly I will never eat a zombie doughnut again, but I can show you how I made the logo:
I had the idea to make the business name look like a bunch of doughnuts, but it needed to be something more since these aren't regular doughnuts. I wanted to add a zombie and then thought about what zombies eat, which is people. So if they were going to eat doughnuts it would have to be bloody doughnuts. I wrote out the business name and then looked for a font that was kinda squiggly. After that I added an Illustrator effect that would make it more squiggly. Then I copied it and enlarged it and manually edited it to give it this look:
Now that I had a base to work with, I went to work on a zombie. I looked around the internet for a suitable subject but determined that I would make the best subject. After doing a rough trace of my face I added some zombie-esque features. I removed part of my head, some flesh around my eye, and the flesh around my mouth. Finally I gave my skin a green tint and added some blood. Then I added a tagline, something only a zombie would say...
Finally I added some finishing touches to the words so that they more resembled doughnuts. I changed the color of most of the frosting because doughnuts come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. I added sprinkles to some, stripes to others, and bacon to others (because the flagship doughnut was the bacon doughnut). For my final touch I added some bite marks. By this point I felt that I had added everything that was required of a doughnut and patted myself on the back for a job well done.

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