Thursday, December 23, 2010

New T-Shirt Design: The Ginger Taxicab Company

This is a very belated t-shirt idea that my buddy Andy had requested a while ago (from when I started the t-shirt business). He was getting annoyed with being the designated driver for his significant other and her friends. He vented to me asking to make his a shirt that had something to do with a Ginger Cab.

Originally I was going to design a retro 50's taxi cartoon with flames surrounding the cab (for red heads get it?!). I then wanted to go even more retro after looking up pictures of cars and found the car you see above. Finally I thought my original idea was stupid and I went with a vintage company logo. Then I decided to make the emblem on fire but after trying some designs I thought that too was dumb. I still incorporated the fire idea to my content. I went with the monochromatic (not really but it is the artist term) color scheme because I'm all about that now-a-days.

When all was said and done I had on my computer the picture you see above. While I designed it for Andy, I'm selling it in the Zazzle Marketplace for any red haired person to purchase. See it styling and profiling on some faceless dude below:

Here is the product description I added:
If you are a red haired person and you end up as the designated driver for your friends, then suit up with this t-shirt. You don't drive for free for hit them up for fare and food before shuttling them around town.

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