Friday, December 10, 2010

KochLab Christmas 2010

Since the semester is ending and everyone goes their separate ways for the winter break, we decided to do Christmas early this year and had a secret santa since our lab numbers are at record highs (6 students and one PI). My secret santa got me the gift of Transformers. It's a pretty cool toy and it's name is Crankcase. 
Shark Bait?
Crackbox is actually one transformer and four other bots that combine together to make this guy seen here. While the toy is nice it actually isn't that fun to play with since the pieces do all the transforming themselves. 10 year old me would be very upset. At least Creakcase is very articulate for a plastic mass which makes battles awesome. He would wreak havoc that's for sure.

Back in the day all the transformers would have little biographies on the boxes. Crankshaft's bio is the most ridiculous piece of information one could read and must reflect the writer's sad childhood:
Crankcase didn't start off as a bully. He started off bitter, mean and small-minded, and the strength granted by the power core process made him capable of taking his misery out on others. His few moments of happiness occur when he uses all his incredible might against someone unable to fight back. Then he's right back to being miserable.
I kid you not, that was written on the box. First off that opening sentence is a whopper. I didn't know that Shafthead was a bully. I mean I guess I knew he was bad cause he was a Decepticon but a bully is just silly. At least he finds happiness somehow even if it means beating someone senseless just to get it. Sounds like someone needs a therapist more than a egomaniacal boss who craves energon and global conquest (Megatron).


iZombie said...

i got the optimus prime transformer for christmas last year, i am afraid of it... i read how to transform it... i am crying. it is to complicated. and i am way old to be playing with it anyways.

so it sits next to my others toys....

Antman said...

Do you have the die-cast anniversary edition? My brother got me the Movie Anniversary edition a few years ago and it seriously took 20 minutes to transform Optimus the first time. He is now in a box with a bunch of other transformers.

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