Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jason's Business Cards

I spent some time designing Jason's business cards. I had a design in mind and then I had to find a place to get it done. Originally I wanted to metal cards cut in the shape of a cleaver, but the cards proved costly: $150 for an etching mask and then another $200 for 100 cards. 

Then I found Taste of Ink Studios that have nice cards and do many different and cool processes. I went with silk matte cards and added die cutting and spot gloss. I designed the cards to be cut in the shape of a cleaver and then added a design similar to the invitation to be added after which would be the spot gloss layer. Click the link for photos.
Front view with spot gloss layer. Recognize the design?
The front of the card came out spectacularly. We decided (my brother and I) that we should not include any contact information because of the very real possibility of that information changing in the very near future. I bought him a domain name and I might hook him up with Google Voice to give him a number that everyone could reach him on. 
Back view. Recipe on the back is the perfect idea for a chef's business card.
 The back of the card contains a recipe. This recipe was one of the first recipes Jason brought home from culinary school a couple years ago and was an instant family favorite. Unfortunately there was a print error on the cards and the recipe got cut off on the right side, but literally only by the last two letters on each line. It stinks, but Taste of Ink is fixing the error and will send us new cards. Sadly we needed these cards for today.
Another front view.
If you want to learn more about Jason or learn more about his personal chef services visit The Neighborhood Chef. I set up the site on Google Sites until I can spend major minutes working on a more in-depth and developed site. It is a great place if you want free web hosting and need a quick setup.


iZombie said...

the is truly inventive... you are the master.

Elaine A said...

Ant -

The cards are awesome and a great touch with the recipe on the back!

Titi Elaine

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