Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing The Neighborhood Chef!

Just prior to Jason's graduation I began working on a website for him. It is still under development but I wanted to get it out there since I've had limited time to work on this site. It is and it's main purpose is to get you (or other people) to hire him as a personal chef.
Awww so cute!
The site was made with Google Sites and includes a sample menu to give customers a feel for what quality foods they can expect. There is also a slide show of foods that Jason has prepared (which he has taken pictures of). There are more details to come so check it out and check back often. If you are having an event or would like private cooking classes contact Jason (via his site or email) for pricing and to schedule a date.

Note: When typing in the url for future visits, make sure you type the "www" part of the url, otherwise you will get taken to a broken link. For some reason setting up the URL with Google Sites only works this way and you cannot set up a url without the www.

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