Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giants Beat Down on Redskins and I Was There

This past Sunday, my step mom Lorraine got my brother, my dad, Stef, herself, and I tickets to the Giants game. Originally she bought tickets but then a friend of hers was able to give her box seats for the five of us. Luxury box seats. And they were spectacular. 

The seats were in the second tier, and were right on the 30 yard line. I've never been so close at a football game and I've never sat in box seats at any sporting event. This was unbelievable. Let me describe these million dollar seats (and yes at Giants Stadium, they do sell for that much!):
  • There was a indoor box and 12 outdoor seats. Inside were a couple of couches and a TV to enjoy the game in warmth. Outside were leather seats and some sweet and super warm blankets for us.
  • The luxury box came with free gourmet buffet with a NYC celebrity Chef from Nobu. The food was excellent. It was so high class that I ordered a hot chocolate and I'm pretty sure it was just melted swiss chocolate, it was delicious.
  • The wait staff was incredible. I would order drinks in one area and go to another and our waitress would find me and bring me what I ordered.
  • We were in the Commissioner's Club boxes and got to ride a private elevator to our box. There was also a sweet fireplace lounge with tons of huge TV's to watch the game. 
I actually don't remember watching the game too much even though I know I watched all of it right until the end. The game was a blowout and the Giants got the win. My dad has an amazing camera and I spent a good portion of the game capturing some excellent motion shots. There are a number of pictures to show, so click the link to see a slideshow.

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