Saturday, December 11, 2010

From P90X to Insanity

That's right, I'm at it again, but this time is different. Last year I took the P90X challenge with the intent to lose weight and see how well the system worked. It turned out that I lost a lot of weight (over 40 lbs) and I was 159lbs for the only time in my life. (Interestingly I hit 159 about a month after I was done with P90X though.) Now, about 8 months later, I'm ready for the next phase...

...the Insanity Workout.
Otherwise known as Gay-anity
I decided to do this workout after watching this infomercial for an hour. There was literally nothing on TV and I was surfing the internet using the TV for background noise. The infomercial came on and I thought I could do the workouts. After P90X I think I'm ready for a new challenge. 

This time I'm not doing it for weight loss. I have no desire to be 140lb. Instead I'm doing it for several reasons. First, the semester is ending and the UNM gym has horrible/no hours and so getting in there for a workout would be next to impossible for the next 4 weeks. Second, I'm too lazy to go get a gym membership and drive to the gym everyday. Third, I really don't like working out in front of people anyways. Fourth, I want to start playing basketball and indoor soccer next semester and this time I'll need to get in shape. This past semester I joined two soccer leagues and used the games to get into shape, but by the time I got into game shape the season was over. I want to be better, faster, and have more fun this time.

So with all that I'm doing the Insanity Challenge. It's almost nicer because the program is 60 days instead of 90. This workout is way more cardio though and almost no weight training. All the workouts rely on body resistance and don't use any weights. The biggest difference is the workouts are 300% more gay than P90X. This is more Hip-Hop Abs than it is weight training (and I'm leery because the instructor, Shaun T, is the dude from Hip-Hop Abs). 

Still a work out is a work out and I'm going to get into game shape so I can start balling when the gym reopens in the middle of January. Once again I'll update every 3 weeks to let you know how the program is and what you can expect if you want to try Insanity. 

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