Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food From the Graduation

On Friday was Jason's graduation. The graduation was nice because it was short and sweet. Everyone's graduation was filled with speeches by people you don't know or care about, but Jason's was cool in the sense that some of the world's greatest chefs are talking and sharing their experiences. 

Of course nobody cares about that part. Being that the graduation was at the Culinary it is proper to expect the most awesome meal in human existence. And that expectation was somehow not as good as the quality of the food we did have. Come over to the next page for some highlights of amazing food.
I managed to get a picture of the dessert, but forgot to take pictures of all the other delicious stuff. Every course was literally the best food I ever ate and I've ate at some really good restaurants before. We had some salad that I can't remember any details of outside it's taste and the endives. Then we had Osso Buco with garlic mashed potatoes and a green that was like kale but not kale. Finally we had this dessert:
This was Banana Royale with lots of chocolate. It was so amazing that just describing it would destroy my keyboard and your computer screen and so in the interest in money I will spare you the expense.

Yesterday (Saturday) was the graduation party and it too was full of great food. I'll post all the pictures I can get my hands on in another post, but my brother made a couple of dishes and you can see them below:
Butternut Squash soup with cranberry sauce (on the bottom).

Salmon/Prosciutto on a cream cheese crustini.

 And here is another picture for you:
Jason graduating.
Stay tuned for more excitement from NY and more pictures of whatever I'm doing.

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