Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Blogger Friendship

A couple days ago a friend of mine gave my blog props and essentially this is a long post returning the favor. He and I have chatted and shared knowledge for quite some time now and you'll see him commenting every now and again as iZombie

The encounter came sometime this past spring. I had recently launched my Zazzle t-shirt store and received an email. The email was from a stranger saying that he had come across my blog post about t-shirt stores and what I had been researching and that it was all very useful to him, but incomplete. I didn't post a follow up to say which place I had gone with. I was jubilated twice. First because someone other than my mother read my blog and second because the information that I post (while very broad and random) was actually useful to someone out there.

We sent a number of emails back and forth regarding what I had learned about t-shirt printing and what the differences between the main online shops were. In the end I think I helped him, but by that time I was already looking for the next big thing (direct-to-garment printing). Maybe there is a future venture in that for the two of us. 

I never thought I would connect to the blogosphere, but always hoped that I would and now I have. It's quite amazing what the internet can bring and this massless cloud of data brought me a good friend and a great blog to follow. I implore you to check it out when you have time. iZombie is a master of making anything a zombie and turning harmless, innocent images into pictures of the damned. In fact he even made a zombie Steve Jobs at my request (everything to Jobs is iSomething) which I thought was a perfect fit and turned out to be a gruesome nightmare (in a good way). 

So anyways, thanks for the shout out and here is my return all the way over here on the Randomly Grad Life. 

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iZombie said...

thank you for you t-shirt experience, did i tell you a place that does shirts for as low as $5.99 bucks without any minimums... and the quality is darn good? e-me!

i am happy to have made you a friend you have solid and sound advice.. and a great blog to boot. i talked to your mother and she says you don't call enough. lol

and thanks for the props on my site, i feel like i have something to leave behind, not that i am going anywhere [god, and the lightening bolt...crossed fingers it misses] soon... i just feel like i am able to share the voices in my head and get some type of reaction. the internet has opened up so much for people... so we can just be heard, seen, quoted...

make the best of 2011 and beyond... and remember no matter where you go, there you are! -buckaroo banzai.


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