Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I Love Wall-E

To me, Wall-E is the best Pixar movie ever made (sorry to say that on the day Toy Story 3 is released on DVD) with a close second to TS3 and Up! The creators were able to take a very simple plot and tell a remarkable story that makes you love each and every character (except the "villain"). Somehow the film makers were able to do this with a main character that says very little throughout the entire film. In fact, neither of the main characters say all that much and the first major speaking roles don't show up until half-way through the movie.

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I remember watching Wall-E in theaters and falling instantly in love with the film. To me it is the most well rounded piece of media art I've witnessed. The details in the animation are phenomenal even if the animation style is simplistic (humans are blob-like, robots are simple shapes, etc). The writing is unparalleled. It just has everything.

When Wall-E came out on DVD I rented it and watched the entire movie 5 times in a row. I watched it twice in a row and then watched the different commentary that accompanied the film. I watch it every time I see that it is on TV, and since I now own the DVD I can watch it whenever I want. There was a period of time where I hadn't seen it for like 5 months and when I watched it again I told Stef I couldn't believe how unbelievably good the movie was.

My favorite scene takes place when Wall-E and Eve have the plant and are trying to send the ship back to Earth. The Captain has decided humanity needs to do something for itself for a change as he declares "Nothing. That's all we've ever done." He then tricks the autopilot into thinking he has the plant and a dramatic yet funny series of events unfold.

I love it because at this point you see what humanity has become. We've become so attached to technology and so dependent on consumerism that we've de-evolved into permanent babies. At this point humanity decides to take it's first steps and control it's own destiny. Ironically, none of this would have been possible without the aid of technology.

I could go on and on all day about Wall-E, but I'll stop for now so that I can prepare my discussion about the next movie: Chicago.

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