Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I Love The Matrix

I remember being in 9th Grade when the Matrix was released. I had seen lots of trailers for it and didn't have a clue what the Matrix was about. At the time I guess I didn't understand viral marketing since most of the trailers asked "What is the Matrix?"

My mom really wanted to see this movie and I got dragged along. Usually we went to see movies together that we mutually wanted to see or that me and my brother wanted to see (she's a good mom). Prior to this movie the last movie she had wanted to see without my approval was "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" I was terribly young and didn't understand the movie and was bored out of my mind (to this day I still haven't rewatched that movie to see if I even like it). Because of that horrific experience I didn't really want to see the Matrix but I saw it anyway.

IT BLEW MY MIND! I felt just like Arnold in Total Recall.

Imagine being 14 and having just witnessed the greatest action movie to date. Then add to it the coolest sci-fi plot in history (sorry this movie blows Star Wars out the water). Finally throw in a bunch of awesome allegory and you have what I felt.

When the DVD came out I got the special edition that had like 3,000 bonus features. I remember my mom let me take a day off from school and I stayed home to watch that movie all day. I watched it over and over again. Then I watched it with the directors commentary. Then I watched it with the making of featurettes playing during the action scenes. Then I just watched it again.

I remember the website for the movie had some special access section where you had to translate binary to hexidecimal to get some codes. If you entered those codes you were granted access to images, making of clips, comics, and more. I loved the comics. They revealed more in the world of the Matrix and took you to people that weren't talked about in the movie. Then I bought the Animatrix which was a great collection of short films that did the same thing as the comics.

Then the sequels came out and ruined everything.

But despite those movies there is still a great movie. The special effects were original and ground breaking. Bullet time changed everything, but interestingly was never really utilized outside that movie. I guess it became almost cliched as quickly as it was heralded.

The action scenes were spectacular. The writers set up this world of where the laws of physics could be bent or broken and that just allows the characters to raise all sorts of hell.

See here.

That scene was so awesome, but it was just one amongst the many great scenes from that movie. Since I can't embed anything I want to from Youtube, I'll embed this trailer which isn't great, but at least shows something:


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