Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"We Both Reached For The Gun"

This is the title of my favorite song in the play. Click the jump for clip and details.

That song is super catchy. Not only that, but the parallel with the press conference is amazing. I feel like it is a secret behind the scenes look into what is really happening (which it is). It is really brilliant that the film makers not so symbolically represented Billy Flynn's manipulation of his client and the media via a puppet act. Really brilliant.

Not only that, but the dance number is fun and spectacular. The actors do a splendid job mimicking the motions of a ventriloquist dummy and marionettes. I also thought it was very interesting that the main journalist (Mary Sunshine) also falls into the song and dance number. I don't know if she is supposed to represent the media herself, but I've always perceived her to be the exception just to show how skilled Flynn is at his craft (lying and lawing).

I urge you to watch that clip again and tell me if you don't get that song stuck in your head later on. Especially the chorus of "Oh yes, oh yes..." sung by the members of the media. Try and not sing that later on.

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