Monday, November 1, 2010

This Week is Movie Week

I recently watched one of my five favorite movies of all time (you'll see in a minute which one it was) and was thinking about scenes from it all day today. I couldn't get it out of my head and I decided I would share it with all of you. Plus one of my newest favorite movies (Toy story 3) is being released tomorrow and so in honor of that and my brain I'm declaring this week Movie Week.

Today I will list my Top 5 favorite movies and each day this week I will dedicate a post or two to discuss what I like so much about that movie. These movies could be ranked in order of how many times I've seen them (from most to least) but I think those numbers only hold because of my love for each of them. So now I present to you my 5 favorite movies:
  1. Wall-E - almost a tie with number two for my favorite movie. This movie has everything except singing, although they do kinda sneak it in here. Pixar makes some amazing movies (and I would have put Toy Story 3 and Up! on here but I didn't want to monopolize the listing) but this is the cream of the crop. Somehow it's a traditional love story while being completely original. Who knew you could care about robots!
  2. Chicago - this is the movie I had stuck in my head today. Sadly I've never seen the play, but of all the play movies/plays that I love (the others being Little Shop of Horrors, Mama Mia (the play because the movie stunk), Avenue Q, and Rent) this is the best of the best. The song sequences are so creative it blows my mind. The story is told through the songs and it is because of this that I expect all plays to follow this suit and to this level of quality.
  3. Beauty and the Beast - widely regarded as one of the best Disney animated features ever, this one has the best songs. I saw the Broadway version of this and I wanted to sing along with all the kids! Some will say Aladdin has the best songs, and while it does have the most fun, nothing compares to "Be Our Guest" or even "Beauty and the Beast." 
  4. The Matrix - 11 years ago this movie was the most insane thing I had ever witnessed and held that title until I saw Inception over the summer. The story is still one of the most creative concepts ever while utilizing a familiar story (robot apocalypse). I don't know if anything ever will be able to push the limits of special effects and movies the way this movie did, especially now that everything is done with CGI.
  5. Ghostbusters/Inception - this is a tie for very good reason. Ghostbusters is a timeless classic. While the special effects are a little dated I don't think they will ever really look bad. It is also (in my opinion) the best comedy ever with jokes that make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. Inception on the other hand is one of the most creative concepts story-wise ever, and definitely takes that title for the last 10 years. I've only been able to see this movie once and that prevents it from being ranked any higher for now.

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