Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jason Graduation Invitation Unveiled!

I started working on this a few weeks ago and showed you an early preview of what I was working on. Well I finished the job a while ago and I decided to wait on the results until I got my finished design printed and sent to me. Today I got the finished design and it's time for some unveiling, after the break of course...
Front of invite
Actual invite with fancy photographic style
No design is complete without the IheartAnthony logo
I'm very pleased with the results of this design. I actually stumbled upon the front design by accident. I was just goofing around with some processes and then it started looking nice so I ran with it. Originally the entire invite was going to be on the front, but I couldn't get the spacing with the words to work with the background design. It just looked too busy. So I moved it all to the back and left just a small message on the front. 

The CIA logo on the back was a pain in the butt though. I couldn't find a decent high-res logo online so I had to make an EXACT replica by hand. Not very efficient, but it was a small price to pay for high quality perfection. And as always, the IheartAnthony logo gets it's own spot. 

I had my mom find a local (in Beacon) printer and she used Watkins Press. It was kind of rough being that I had to communicate via email (and I don't think they are all that used to the speed of email) while my mom would go in to speak with the owner. Eventually everything worked out and I even learned a thing or two about the printing process. According to the mother, the owner was intrigued by my brand. Maybe a partnership is on the horizon...

With that said I have a couple more print designs to work on. I've got business cards (mine and my brother's), and I have something special planned for that. I also have a banner proposal to work on. All in good time though. 
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