Friday, November 5, 2010

I Survived the Month!

Today marks the end of the Post-a-Day challenge. I think it went pretty successfully. It worked out so nicely I've enjoyed the most traffic to my blog ever! And to top it all off, I posted frequently and this has probably been the most I've ever blogged in one month's time. I tried to keep the posts relevant without posting on useless things just to meet my quota. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll try to keep up the frequency.

Here are some cool stats:
  • According to Google Analytics (through Blogger) the amount of pageviews for the month of October is one-third the total pageviews in the entire history of Analytics tracking (for my blog).
  • Something to note: There are two ways I track my visitors. The first is through Blogger which has some version of Google Analytics built into it and the other is through actual Analytics. Somehow the stats for the two differ, go figure.
  • Through regular Analytics (which I've been using since last June vs Blogger which has been active for only a couple of months) Octobers hits register one-twelfth my sites entire hits.
  • P90X is the most viewed thing on this blog even though I haven't talked about it since June. P90X, "I'm Fat", and my weight label are the most looked at things on this blog. Interestingly my products page rounds out the top 10.
  • I was surprisingly productive in the month of October: I've done a number of graphic design jobs, accomplished a bunch on the tweezers, sold some t-shirts, launched, and expanded IheartAnthony. There is still lots more to do, but it's been a great run so far. I just gotta keep chugging away.
Let's keep the training chugging along, shall we?

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