Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Ever Have a Problem With NBA Leaguepass

... because it won't get solved.

What a long month I've had regarding an issue with my NBA Leaguepass account. You see, Leaguepass is a service offered by that allows you to watch every NBA game online. I buy it so I can watch the Knicks. This all started when I tried to watch a preseason game. 

The NBA televises it's preseason games on actual Leaguepass (the one you pay the cable company for) and I thought I could access them via the online version. I had an account with them that was set to auto-renew after the first week of the season but I didn't have access to the preseason games so I thought there was something wrong. So I tried to speed up the process by paying for the service in full before the season began. This was in the middle of October. 

After paying through PayPal, I checked and found out I still didn't have access to the preseason games. Then I noticed that I was arranged to have TWO subscriptions to the same service. How that could possibly exist is beyond me. One subscription was the auto-renew and the second was the one I just paid for. I then tried to contact Leaguepass Support (which operates through the crappiest website ever), but the only way that you can receive help is by submitting an e-ticket. So I did this. I kindly explained that there were two subscriptions in my account and that I wanted the one that was set to auto-renew to be cancelled so that I wouldn't get charged a second time. Then it got interesting...

A couple days later I received an email saying the problem had been fixed. I then went to said poop-tastic website to check on the results. I was surprised to find out that BOTH subscriptions had been cancelled and I had been sent a refund. I then quickly went to PayPal to check on the refund and saw that no refund had been posted. So I sent a ticket to the help desk describing this and the error. Since I had not received a refund I told them they could just not send a refund and just activate my subscription.

Over TWO weeks went by before receiving any sort of notification about the status of my account. During those two weeks I tried the live chat option on the crappiest website ever several times. There I spoke with some very helpful people who could verify my problems. Unfortunately, they could not correct the issue because the ticket had been sent to the billing department. The people in the live chat were just tech support. They were a clever bunch though. One person I spoke with verified every aspect of the problem I was having. 

This person told me that she could see that both accounts were cancelled and that there was a refund posted but there was an error involved. See, the error started because of the subscription I asked to be cancelled. That subscription was linked to an expired credit card and from my account I could find no way to update my payment options. Apparently when they refunded my account, instead of looking at where the payment came from they just guessed and sent the refund to the expired credit card instead of to PayPal. 


The helpful person saw this and noted this on my ticket. My ticket was updated over a week later (which turned out to be today) and I was told the ticket was resolved with this bit of information:
Dear Anthony,
Thank you for contacting League Pass Broadband Customer Service.
The auto-renewed amount charged to your account was refunded and subscription cancelled.  The second subscription has a failed status which means the transaction was not completed and funds were not taken. 
To continue to watch your games online, please visit and resubmit your order.  Once you have completed your order please respond to this ticket and an adjustment can be made to your account to reflect the Early Bird special pricing.
If you need further assistance, please contact us through this ticket.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
Sincerely, League Pass Broadband Customer Support Team
Basically they are telling me that their purchasing system is completely messed up and they have no clue what is going on. They tell me the auto-renewed amount charge was refunded, when I never was charged through that subscription. They tell me the other subscription transaction failed, when I check my PayPal account and I got charged and the money deducted from my account. Then they kindly ask me to repurchase League Pass. HA!

So I then sent them the following message:
According to Paypal, I never received refund. I have paid $110 for the Leaguepass service through PayPal. The auto-renewed account never charged me in the first place and the refund would have been sent to an exired credit card. I paid through Paypal and the money should have been refunded there. You guys have messed this up so bad and I have spoken with people through the online chat and everyone there seems to understand the problem. I was told that they put notes on my file so that Billing could understand what the problem was, but I guess you couldn't figure it out. This is a huge mess and a disaster and you've been no help at all. Just refund me the money that I paid. I'm not purchasing League Pass anymore. I'm done with this, you guys messed up.
And that is where I am now. I have been patient with this process up until now. I'm through with the incompetence I have dealt with and I finally decided to bring the dispute up with PayPal and have them make give me my money back. I also went to every Contact Us page on and left them some pretty useful feedback saying how useless the service at the aforementioned awful website is. There is no one to talk to. You deal with a faceless server and cannot talk to anyone. I generally like electronic communication, but every now and then you need a phone number.

I needed a phone number.

And I may have gotten one. Over at the parent company for (Turner) I found this page. If there is no help tomorrow, I intend to call that number and leave some pretty nasty remarks until someone can either give me access to League Pass (for a reduced price would be nice) or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! And when that happens I will ask if you all could do me a favor and also call that number and complain about the poor service.

I'm so frustrated, and the fact that I've filtered myself with no cursing on here has frustrated me even further. I think I've started just yelling whenever I talk anything about basketball because of the anger this situation has caused. I will now put all of my frustrations after the break so please don't click the link if you would like to avoid any keyboard smashing.

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Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Haha best post ever.

This isn't reliable, but it's a start:

Antman said...

Whoever you are, I love you! Thanks for being awesome. I've actually been using another site, but it's good to know where more feeds are.

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