Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Business Cards Galore

I put all that knowledge of business cards to good use. I designed and ordered some cards for my brother for his upcoming graduation. I don't want to give anything away yet, but I got a digital proof of what to expect. They are going to look fantastic.

I ordered through Taste of Ink Studios because they do most of the cool techniques I talked about and they happened to be the first place I looked at for spot-glossing. I ordered some samples from them for $5 and all the samples they sent were pretty sweet so I know they do a good job. If you are interested in the samples from them you can either order some or ask me to forward you some. What do I need other people's business cards for?

Depending on how these cards turn out (I've got ridiculously high hopes based on the cost) I'll be ordering my own cards through them. I've got a couple of ideas planned out and will get to designing in a couple weeks. In the meantime I have a website to develop and a logo to create. Fun times ahead.

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