Thursday, November 11, 2010

ABQ's Best Chinese Food, Period!

I frequently visit Gil's Thrilling (and Filling) Blog for restaurant reviews and new places to try. I've never fully trusted his reviews (after all everyone's palate is different) for accuracy, but if he likes a place a lot I put it on my to visit list.

Note: I've actually made a Google Map of places I want to eat at:

View Places to try in ABQ in a larger map

His rating system is based on some rating system of 30 points (I think it stems from some NY culinary rating scheme) and generally no where in ABQ ever gets that high. I don't actually know from the top of my head, but I think his highest here is around 23. Anyways, if he rates something above a 15 I add it to the list and if it's below I stay away.

Today I found out he reviewed my favorite restaurant in all of ABQ, China Best. Surprisingly it is Chinese food and not some burger joint, but I've been telling people ever since the day I first tried it that it is easily the best Chinese in ABQ. Gil rated it an 18 but from his review he seems to agree. Not only is it easily the best Chinese, but it is one of the more consistent places I've ever been to here.

If you are here in ABQ, or plan to visit one day, make sure you eat here and get the pan-fried dumplings AND the crab rangoons. They are delicious. Don't be afraid to eat any chicken dish, because it is authentic chicken and tastes just like it. The first time I ever tried it I exclaimed, "Holy cow, this chicken tastes like chicken!" Surprising that this is the case, but how many places have you been to where it doesn't?

With that said, there hasn't been a dish I didn't like and I generally limit my exposure when I'm eating Chinese (for no reason outside of I like to get what I like every time). Go to China Best. The. End.

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