Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's to come...

I was trying to think of what to post for today and I had nothing. But then I decided I would let you in on a couple of projects that are upcoming.
  • In about a month I get to work on a website for my brother. Initially it will be very simple probably something on Google Sites and something just to get the word out on what he does. He is graduating from the Culinary Institute of America and he will need some promotion after graduation.
  • I will also be working on some business cards for him. I'm planning something super awesome and creative.
  • Of course my own website needs to be worked on and that will be coming. I think I'm going to have to divide my week into project days just to evenly split my time for all this stuff.
  • I will be making at least a couple more t-shirt designs before Christmas and of course I'll reveal them here. I have the ideas written down somewhere. (I have notes spread between Google Docs and Evernote and I tend to lose track of what I've thought of. At least I write it down.)
  • Oh yeah, I just got accepted to Google App Inventor for Android and so hopefully I'll put something in the app market that is useful in some way. Koch already requested an app that replies "I love you too" when you say "I love you to it". Today I found out that Lego Mindstorms (this super cool programmable lego robot) has an app that let's you interface with the robot from your phone. Expect an app that makes the robot hug you when you share your affection.
  • I just saw a commercial for Sister Wives, and now I've lost track of what I was doing...
  • Finally I've got some other graphic design work. I've promised to make some more Struggles of T-Rex and I've written some more and just need to sit down and draw and illustrate. I also have another graphic story which I don't know if I want in novel form or strip form. That one is secret because it is too weird to understand.
  • I might be going apple picking this weekend. I haven't done that in probably 10 years, but it is always fun. Plus there is apple pie!
There might be more, but my brain is a little jumbled right now. Of course, I'll fill you all in as things happen.

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